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Euphomech Drafters provides CAD Conversion Services to help clients convert paper-based, PDF, and scanned designs into accurate and editable CAD drawings. Our team of experts manually re-drafts engineering or architectural drawings in CAD, ensuring precision and attention to detail. We handle projects of all sizes and are well-versed in international codes of practice, making our services available globally.

Our professionals possess the practical knowledge and abilities needed to comprehend and convert drawings for various industries, including structural engineering, fabrication, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Our formatted CAD conversion output drawings are available in different formats such as. dwfx, .dwg,. acis, .dgn, .dwf and more, and are of the highest calibre and accuracy.

At Euphomech Drafters, we offer a range of CAD conversion services falling under the following categories:
• Vectorization: We manually redraw raster-based technical drawings into precise CAD or Vector files. We can accommodate specific requests for adhering to your standards for layers, text styles, colour coding, dimension styles, and more.
• Digitization and CAD Conversion: We provide accurate digitized versions of scanned construction plans, hard copies, or microfilmed drawings.
• Image Conversion: We convert all types of drawings in sketch format into precise CAD drawings. Our image conversions are flawless and feature intact CAD entities.

Choose Euphomech Drafters for accurate and reliable CAD conversion services. Contact us today to learn more.

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