Fabrication and Isometric drawings specialist

Euphomech Drafters provides 3D Modelling services for visualisation, coordination, scheduling, estimating, and on-site production control of building information, making it the go-to-choice for architects, developers, BIM managers, and real estate contractors seeking to implement BIM solutions. Our Revit BIM services are part of a comprehensive package of BIM services that utilise cutting-edge building techniques to create bespoke solutions for our clients.

Euphomech Drafters' services provide support for BIM applications in the construction industry and essential BIM modelling service items for MEP and HVAC engineering. We also offer architectural BIM services that enable users to access point cloud to BIM services and integrate with virtual design and construction (VDC), 4D simulation, and more.

Euphomech Drafters can create Revit models of construction designs that include additional design criteria from 2D drawings or concept sketches. We support the extraction of critical project data from 3D CAD models and assess project plans and design standards for sustainability and cost/time estimation. Euphomech Drafters delivers construction estimates in an easy-to-read format to enable non-core stakeholders to quickly consult it and make informed decisions.

Additionally, Euphomech Drafters visualises new construction plans or designs and helps compare design parameters when re-building, upgrading, retrofitting, or extending an existing infrastructure. We can also create an animated presentation of the master plan that is architecturally correct for budgeting, advertising, and stakeholder approval. With our advanced BIM services, Euphomech Drafters offers clients a competitive advantage, ensuring high-quality results and timely delivery at an affordable price.

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